2 Samuel

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2 Samuel

The author of 2 Samuel is unknown. Bible scholars believe the final form of the two books was completed after the death of King Solomon in approximately 931 B.C. and suggested that prophets Nathan and Gad may have contributed their writings.

The book of 2 Samuel tells how David was finally rewarded for his patience and consistent faith in God. For many years David hid from Saul in enemy territory and in the barren wilderness South and East of Jerusalem. David did not forget God’s promise that he would be king one day, but unknown to him, his struggles prepared him for the great responsibilities he would later face.

2 Samuel tells David’s story. He is crowned king of Judah and then king over all Israel, leading his armies to victory over all their enemies and completed the conquest of the Promised Land begun by Joshua. David took the fractured kingdom which Saul had left behind and built a strong united power. Forty years later, David would turn this kingdom over to his son Solomon.

David accomplished much, but there were times when he stumbled and fell into sin. Despite his human failings, David had a heart for God. He was a king who governed God’s people by God’s principles, and God blessed him greatly. David’s God-like characteristics includes his – faithfulness, patience, courage, generosity, commitment, honesty, modesty and penitence.

Followers of Jesus Christ may not have David’s earthly success, but following God is ultimately the most successful decision individuals can make. Valuable lessons can be learnt from David’s sins and from his repentance. It should be our goal to become a person after God’s own heart.

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