Time Is Fast Running Out

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Time Is Fast Running Out


Where are you going?

When life here on earth is ended, and time has rung its bell

Will your soul travel upward to regions of bliss

Or depart to the depths where all joys you will miss?


Where are you going?

From the moment we are born, you will agree this is true

For some, time is very short, while for others not quite long

But it passes so quickly and then it is gone.


From the time when we are born, to when we die

There is a space God has given, to prepare us for the sky

We are all born as sinners, the Bible declares

And wise is the one, who heeds and prepares.


The Lord Jesus Christ, who is God’s only begotten Son

Died on a cross for your sins to atone

Come now and repent from the depths of your heart

For forgiveness is free, you can make a new start.


Called unto holiness, church of our God

Purchase of Jesus, redeemed by His blood

Called from the world and its idols to flee

Called from the bondage of sin, to be free.


Come right now to Jesus wherever you are

In office, home, in field, street or car

Take heed to this message, no longer delay

For time is running out – it may be your last day.


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